Do you need a data protection declaration, would you like to make your company GDPR compliant or have you been accused of a GDPR violation? You are in good hands with our data protection experts.

With the General Data Protection Regulation, companies are required to implement the increased data protection requirements and to prove this through continuous auditing.

Our data protection experts can work with you to develop and implement concepts for data security and the protection of personal data in your company. With regular data protection compliance audits and training courses, we support you in complying with the current data protection rules.

Data protection is a fundamental element of quality management. Compliance with data protection regulations creates trust in your company. Corporate management and employees are equally responsible for data security. We support you in clearly setting yourself apart from competitors by actively practising data protection.


Our services

Consulting External Data Protection Officer

We advise external data protection officers both at medium-sized companies and at public authorities. Together with the data protection officers, we raise awareness at the highest level of the organisational structure. The responsible employees of the respective departments as well as all staff of the organisation who come into contact with personal data are trained on the legally compliant handling of personal data.

Data protection audit

A regular data protection audit makes sense for your company as a data controller within the meaning of the GDPR because it is a suitable control measure by means of which compliance with the statutory provisions is determined and documented.

All employees who have or could have access to personal data should receive at least annual data protection training. New employees should be required to maintain confidentiality as they join the company. Employees who leave the company are obliged to hand over all equipment and documents containing personal data pertaining to another person who is obliged to maintain data secrecy.

In order to support the data protection officer of a company and to independently document the implementation of the legal requirements, we conduct internal data protection audits at all our clients.

IT forensics expert opinion

The increasing use of information technology systems by companies, the technical advancement of consumer-oriented payment methods, the current dependence of the end user on technological progress and the voluntary sharing of personal data in social networks – all this is exploited by cyber criminals to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Almost every day, one reads new reports about data attacks on companies or the phishing of account data. Phishing causes massive damage, and data theft can cause millions of dollars in damage to companies. With modern IT forensics, deleted data and information on hard drives and other storage media can be reconstructed.

In labour disputes, companies can find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation. Here, IT forensics can help to prepare for any necessary dismissals or in internal investigations of digitally verifiable crimes.

Through a computer forensic analysis, it is often possible to determine whether a computer system has been remotely controlled or otherwise abused by means of a Trojan. Among other things, the times of use of the computer can be traced. If a defendant demonstrably did not have access to the computer system at the time of the crime, the findings of the IT forensic expert can lead to an acquittal.