Corplegal becomes oikon

Corplegal becomes oikon – The new name of the Munich commercial law firm underlines the continuing strong growth in international business, with new technologies and alternative solutions in the corporate finance business.

After many years as a corplegal, the well-known law firm renamed itself oikon. The word economy goes back to the Greek oikos = house and nomos = law. oikon therefore represents exactly our focus: global trade and investment, as well as new technologies.

The current economic and geopolitical situation requires new answers to the topics of supply chains, financing, digitization, information about business partners and data security. The legal framework for the smooth handling of the international trade in goods and services is not in place in some cases. Supply chains are still affected. Global trade and investment decisions must be made faster and faster, often based on insufficient data. Banks and investors, who are tied to conventional investment processes, often cannot react quickly enough and thus miss opportunities!

„oikon hat den Anspruch, Mandanten in komplexen, insbesondere im internationalen Handel und Investments Lösungen zu bieten, die nicht standardmäßig zu haben sind“, sagt Thomas Sasse, Managing Partner bei oikon. “That’s why we have repositioned ourselves and will no longer only advise in the usual legal areas of a commercial law firm, but also increasingly in the areas of non-fungible tokens (NFT), finance and blockchain. The use of secure blockchain technology in asset and equity finance in NFTs or other possible applications of NFTs, including balance sheet optimization, opens up many new opportunities for our clients. An improved database and more publicity in the investment process accelerates it immensely and leads to much more reliable success for all parties. We have already successfully supported the development of two marketplaces for trading in NFTs or e-securities in Germany.

Accordingly, we have also strengthened our staff. Mr. Jobst von Steinsdorff comes to us from a major international law firm. He has many years of experience in a multinational banking group as well as in a private bank, most recently as their
General Counsel. Mr. von Steinsdorff advises on banking and finance law. Jobst von Steinsdorff’s broad experience in the area of banking, finance and capital market business, including regulatory issues, is essential for oikon to strengthen this

Ms. Eleni Katopodi is already part of the team as a specialist in blockchain law. Ms. Katopodi is currently completing her doctorate on “Blockchain technology and antitrust agreements under Art. 102 TFEU” as a doctoral student at the University of Augsburg. She
is also instrumental in developing our NFT Trading, Capital Markets and Competition Law competencies. In addition, our team has been strengthened by the additions of Mr. Daniel Fellmann and Seydi Söyleyen.

Other experts known in the industry will join oikon by the end of the year. We will inform you about this in separate reports. Responsible for the contribution: Thomas Sasse
Tel: 089 23237360