How to do business in India?

India is set to overtake Japan and Germany and to become the third largest economy in the
world within the next years. Not only the fact that India has the largest democracy with over
1.4 billion people but also that they have a very fast-growing economy and an affluent middle
class, is a vast opportunity as a market to buy German products.
India is also an important supplier of many sophisticated products, not only software and
agriculture as it used to be since long time, but also engineering. It has therefore built a
strong position to compete against Chinese suppliers. Many German companies have
already set up their own facilities to make products in India and to distribute to the local
market and foreign markets.
That is the reason why it is even more important that German and Indian companies must
know how to avoid mistakes in dealing with each other. Oikon has a very strong network with
Indian partners, so we are able to help and support you at its best – in a business and legal
point of view.
In the following video, Mr. Thomas Sasse, Managing Partner and attorney at law of the
German law firm oikon with its offices in Munich and Hamburg, Mr. Kirat Singh Nagra,
Partner and Attorney at law of the Indian Law Firm DSK Legal and Ms. Claudia Böhnert,
Managing Director of Courage Team are facing the important questions regarding investment
and business between Germany and India.
 Is India an important market for German middle-sized companies (Mittelstand)?
 What are the routes doing business in and with India?
 What are the available options for resolving disputes?
 How can a German company enforce its rights in India?
All these questions and more will be answered in the following video. It is interesting for
companies and entrepreneurs that want to do business with India or intensify their activities
in India.