New technologies offer companies new chances and possibilities, open up markets and create the basis for innovative business models. However, they are often accompanied by challenges that have to be legally assessed and mastered. We support you as a partner and together we ensure that you make the most of the opportunities offered by digitization.

The digital transformation is in full swing. Digitization and the associated, legally secure data protection are essential components of your future business success. We lead your digital change into the future with you.

We also support you in questions of cyber risk management and compliance with data protection laws, labor law and economic issues, together with our partners and technology experts. From system upgrades or a move to the cloud… to applications designed to improve the customer experience… and integral third-party relationships, one misstep can lead to referral fraud, ransomware, data breaches, and more; not to mention regulatory action, civil lawsuits and reputational damage.

If necessary, together with our clients we specify the legal requirements, develop tailor-made framework agreements and guide you through the subsequent negotiations with your customers.

Digitization and e-commerce

Digitization is essential for the survival of your company. We support our clients on a daily basis in designing the framework for digital services and the introduction of new online platforms, as well as startups in establishing their innovations.

We ensure that your websites and e-commerce platforms meet all legal requirements in the B2B and B2C area.


We have been successfully supporting clients in national and cross-border outsourcing projects for years. Therefore, we can provide you with the best possible support for your projects with extensive experience and the highest level of professional know-how. We know and understand the different starting positions, needs and typical negotiating positions of both outsourcing service providers and their clients.

IT- und Business-Process-Outsourcing

Complex outsourcing projects require a high level of comprehensive knowledge of classic contract law as well as labor and data protection law. Often – e.g. in the sales sector – there are also industry-specific technical requirements.

In these processes, we call in proven experts at all times to ensure that you receive legal and technical advice on all aspects in a solution-oriented manner and at the highest level. In particular, business process outsourcing projects are a focus of our work. Here we advise clients on obtaining services in areas such as purchasing, logistics and supply chain optimization.

IT forensic reports

The increasing use of information technology systems by companies, the technical development of consumer-oriented payment methods, today’s dependence of the end user on technological progress and the voluntary disclosure of personal data in social networks are abused by criminals.

Almost every day you read new reports about data attacks on companies or the fishing of account data. Massive damage is caused by phishing via fake websites, e-mails or short messages, and data theft can cause millions of dollars in damage to companies. Using modern IT forensics, deleted data and information on hard drives and other storage media can be reconstructed.

In employment law disputes, companies can find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation. IT forensics can help here to prepare for any necessary dismissals or for internal investigations of digitally verifiable criminal offenses.

A computer forensic analysis can often determine whether a computer system was remotely controlled by a Trojan or otherwise misused. Among other things, the usage times of the computer can be tracked. If a suspect had demonstrably no access to the computer system at the time of the crime, the findings of the IT forensic scientist can lead to an acquittal.