Peter Beck

“We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently.” – Aristotle

Peter Beck is a lawyer and consultant for company pension schemes (bAV).

For 25 years, Peter has been advising entrepreneurs on the restructuring of bAV and the limitation of liability risks in pension commitments, direct insurance, pension schemes and pension funds. He has in-depth specialist knowledge of how to avoid accounting risks associated with pension commitments, and is the author of numerous scientific and practical specialist publications in the areas of company pension schemes, in particular on the provident fund with a lump sum as a special tax and labor law design element.

In the labor law team, Peter supports projects in the areas of bAV compliance, bAV due diligence in the case of business transfers and M&A, and in the design of company pension schemes (bAV) and when switching to other bAV systems, esp. in the outsourcing of pension commitments.




Peter studied law in Munich and has worked as a consultant in the bAV since 1994.